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We've Created the Artstic FrameWork for you, You bring your Peronalized Creative Vision!

495 Circle 85 St. Atlanta, Georgia 30349 Suite 102  

Welcome to Frame Addiction Co ~Work Hub and Creative Studio where the ultimate goal is to motivate and inspire others to follow their dreams. We are a creative hub dedicated to the entrepreuer that's looking to start, grow and scale their business using the modern concept of shared co work space.

We have curated the perfect space equipped with content creation pods where you not only can conduct your business meetings but also create your monthly calender of visual content. We host monthly workshops to help you brainstorm new and innovative ideas that can assist in your business growth as well as network with other likeminded creatives. Come grow with us and run towards your dreams while having a community of others geared towards the same goals of success.

John Michael 





Business Mixers


Filming Permitted 

Security System

Meeting Rooms 


Mentorship Program 

Outdoor Green Space

Covid Cleaning Standards

Business Development & Networking 

495 85th Cir, Atlanta, GA_102_20220912 - 020_small.jpeg

The great part about using our Framework Studio is that all 

 Creative Pods and multiple visual photo drops are included in your access. 

Are you a business owner looking to get your brand in front of a broader audiance? We have the perfect opportunity  for you with our in-house marketing strategy. Learn more below

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